Rainfall overwhelms Fishers drains, causing more road closures

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FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — More rainfall brought another street closure in Hamilton County Tuesday, as some neighbors are still trying to clean up after weekend flooding.

One place hit hard was Riverwood Drive in Noblesville. “It pretty much looked like a big lake is what it was,” Noblesville resident Zach Dougherty said.

By Tuesday morning, the White River receded, leaving Dougherty with the mess left behind. “Like a swamp, pretty much. It’s kind of real muddy and swampy and stuff,” Dougherty said.

It’s not the first time. Dougherty’s street is used to flooding.

But this was the the first time he got help. The county filled and distributed sandbags.

In all, they gave out more than 2,000 bags. Dozens made their way to Dougherty’s yard, doing enough to keep things dry. “We kind of get prepared and pack things up and get things ready for the night before,” Doughtery said.

While some neighbors are drying out, not everything is better. The massive amount of rainfall is still impacting 106th Street in Fishers, as a portion had to be closed Tuesday.

Hamilton County Emergency Management said drains overwhelmed by the amount of water caused the Fishers closure. With more rain expected this week, drivers should keep a watchful eye on the road.

Noblesville neighbors along the White River are watching, too. “We’re used to it,” Doughtery said. “We like to watch it go up and down.”

The recent rainfall prompted at least one central Indiana water rescue. Indiana State Police said a Bloomington man got trapped trying to drive over a flooded Jackson County road.

His truck stalled and was swept away. Troopers saved the man and said it’s a good reminder not to attempt to drive over a flooded roadway.

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