Indiana attorney general meets with Muncie group

Members of the Muncie, Indiana, crime-fighting group Enough is Enough walk the city's streets on June 13, 2017. (WISH Photo)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) – A local group’s effort to reduce drug abuse and violence is catching the attention of Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.

Hill met with members of Muncie’s Enough is Enough group on Tuesday as they work to implement a similar model to the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition.

Hill said groups like this can combat violence and drug use in a way that government can’t. People living there know the community better than anyone else, so they can play a big role in keeping it safe.

Many of the volunteers with Enough is Enough have overcome violence or drug abuse themselves.

“They’ve got a perspective that’s very helpful to understand how others are getting into those areas, so we have to listen to those folks and make them a part of the solution,” said Hill.

It’s a method that’s had proven success in three Indianapolis neighborhoods. The Rev. Charles Harrison, senior pastor of Barnes United Methodist Church, leads the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition. He was at that meeting with Indiana’s attorney general to share advice.

“This has to cut to the nub. This has to get to the rationale behind why these things occur and go to the root causes. We need to have organizations, communities, churches, neighborhoods, step up and engage in this type of activity because it is a one-on-one type of thing,” said Hill.

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