Surveillance video captures fatal east side hit-and-run crash

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Surveillance cameras caught a deadly hit-and-run crash on the city’s east side.

It happened Thursday night at the intersection of 38th Street and Franklin Road.

Darius Webb, 27, died as he tried to cross 38th Street headed north on Franklin Road. Police are trying to find the person responsible. Nearby businesses are now passing along video, in hopes that it’ll offer clues.

Surveillance cameras won’t bring back Webb, but business owners are hoping the video can at least help bring about some justice.

“It’s a young person. Everyone’s lives matter. Everyone,” said Nora Barrazi, who owns BG Auto Center.

Tobacco Farm owner Talha Salman added, “It’s just sad. I hope they get punished for it.”

According to police, Webb had stopped by the Franklin Gables Plaza before the crash. Business owners say their surveillance cameras captured him walking toward the shopping center.

“He stayed in the apartments across the street, and he came to the liquor store,” said Salman.

The video shows a man walking across the parking lot toward the intersection of 38th Street and Franklin Road. Then, his movement stops. Minutes later, police cars surround the area.

“He was going back, and that’s when he was crossing the road. That’s when he got hit,” said Salman.

One thing the cameras didn’t capture was the driver stopping to help. That’s because, according to police, the suspect smashed into Webb and then just drove off.

“They could’ve saved somebody’s life by stopping and seeing how he is,” said Salman.

But the suspect didn’t stop, and these business owners say they won’t stop, either, until somebody is caught.

“It’s difficult for anyone to lose somebody like that. Then, the other person that hit him, not to even stop, or bother to even aid him,” said Barrazi.

Police believe the suspect was driving a dark-colored, possibly maroon, Buick LaCrosse.

They expect the vehicle would have significant front end and windshield damage. Call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS with any information. You can remain anonymous.

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