Ten Point Coalition to expand across Indiana

Ten Point Coalition members patrol a neighborhood. (WISH Photo/File)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — After receiving several calls from groups in and out of the state for help, the Ten Point Coalition decided to expand.

The group Tuesday introduced its new executive director, Paul Norris. He will handle administrative duties for the group.

Ten Point is expanding in the state. They will be in Evansville, Fort Wayne and Muncie, where they are working with some groups and establishing Ten Point groups.

By the end of 2016, the group plans to be in all of those areas, and also Louisville, Kentucky, and Cleveland, Ohio.

The Indiana attorney General’s office is working to establish the group in other towns in Indiana, with possible funding.

The Rev. Charles Harrison, the local Ten Point Coalition’s former leader, says the goal in each community is to get people involved in patrolling their neighborhoods.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is working to connect other cities in the state to join Ten Point.

“We can be a bully pulpit. We can rally people together and bring law enforcement on board to help and engage,” said Aaron Negangard, chief deputy attorney general.

Harrison said many cities and towns are eager to use Ten Point’s blueprint.

“All of those cities feel the urgency on what’s going on in our country right now. Gun violence is killing a large percentage of young people,” Harrison said.

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