Future of Broad Ripple High School in question

A view of Broad Ripple on June 28, 2017. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Broad Ripple High School is the only school building that Indianapolis Public Schools plans to sell.

What makes Broad Ripple, Broad Ripple is unique businesses. But at Ernest and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, manager Tommy Hopkins is what makes the store unique.

“My whole personality is kind of goofy. I like to have fun at my job. My job perfectly allows that,” Hopkins said.

The job also allows Hopkins to voice his opinion. He did just that after learning of IPS’ plan to close down Broad Ripple High School.

“That sucks, unfortunately, as a former IPS graduate, class of 2015. I went to Tech,” he said.

He’s not alone in that. Elbert and Gerbert’s partner, Troy Bruinsma shares the same sentiment.

“I feel sorry for a lot of the students. Where are they going to go next year? Kids who are sophomores and juniors and freshman, you know? Where do they go? What do they do? What’s the timetable? So, it’ll be interesting to see,” Bruinsma said .

IPS plans to sell Broad Ripple High School for anywhere from $6 million-$8 million. It’s too early to know what will become of the school. But, businesses are thinking ahead.

“It’s probably going to be unpopular because most people are probably thinking, let’s put a bar there. I don’t know. Put a park there,” said Hopkins.

One business they’re sure Broad Ripple could do without?

“We don’t need anymore sandwich shops in Broad Ripple,” Hopkins said with a laugh.

IPS also plans to sell or lease its maintenance building on 16th Street near the North Split. If the district opts to sell it, they’re asking for a selling price from $3 million-$5 million.

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