Aaron Bailey family: Mayor’s proposals are good start, but will they create change?

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The family of Aaron Bailey is reacting to the new policies Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced Friday. The family is taking a wait-and-see approach to what the mayor calls first-of-its-kind policy in the United States.

The changes include more training on racial bias and bringing in experts to analyze how officers are being trained. There will also be a review of the Citizens Police Complaint Board. IMPD would also open an IMPD Office of Diversity to track local trends and create a Use of Force Board to review incidents where an officer uses force.

“I understand and appreciate of what he’s saying, but the thing is, will the police officers hold up to what he’s saying? Will they support what he’s saying? In the dark hours on dark street corners, will they be true to that?” asked Kimberly Brown, Bailey’s sister. “Will they be true to his [Hogsett’s] word? This is what we need to see from the people who is out there to serve and protect us. So I heard him, but did they hear him as well?” Brown said.

Mayor Hogsett did not say when the changes would take effect. The Bailey family said they wish there were more specifics in terms of a timeline when the new policies would become reality.

IMPD shot and killed the unarmed Aaron Bailey on June 29. Two officers pulled him over for a traffic violation. That’s when Bailey drove off, causing a short chase. It ended when Bailey crashed his car. Both officers shot him when. Bailey did not have a weapon in the car.

Both officers are on administrative leave. Criminal, civil and administrative investigations are underway, being led by the FBI and IMPD.

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