Hundreds gather for rally in support of Aaron Bailey

An earlier version of this story stated that “officers said they saw Bailey reach toward the center console,” investigators say it’s still unclear what happened.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — More than 100 gathered in front of the Indiana Statehouse on Saturday afternoon in support of Aaron Bailey.

Bailey was the 45-year-old black man shot and killed by IMPD in late June.

The crowd was roaring at times and silent at others as Bailey’s family addressed and thanked the crowd for showing up.

Organizers and Bailey’s family say the conversation about police-community relations needs to continue, especially when it comes to treatment of minorities.

On June 29, IMPD pulled over Bailey on a traffic stop. After a brief chase and Bailey crashing his car, both officers shot and killed Bailey as. He was unarmed.

Civil, criminal and administrative investigations are underway by the FBI and IMPD while both officers are on leave.

Bailey’s family wants answers.

“There’s got to be justice,” said Kimberly Brown, his sister.

The diverse crowd in front of the Statehouse called for better treatment by police.

“When we look in the rear view mirror and feel a tang of fear when we see the red and blue, that does not feel like peace,” said Dominic Dorsey, the founder of the organization Don’t Sleep.

The LGBTQ community took a stand, too.

“When there’s injustice for one, there’s injustice for all,” said Christopher Handberg, the executive director of Indy Pride.

And so did the Hispanic community. One speaker from the group IndyCAN talked about how he has been pulled over twice by police for traffic violations but is now more afraid the next time it could happen.

The Bailey family was taken aback by the support.

“When I get upset, I know the world isn’t all evil,” said Aaron Bailey’s daughter, Erica.

The Bailey family said it has a message to everyone in Indianapolis: Keep the conversation going about police-community relations, and one event will not create change.

The family also has a message to the two officers who shot Aaron Bailey.

“Why did you take my daddy? I really miss my daddy a lot,” said Erica Bailey. “Do the right thing and tell the truth. I would do the same thing if I did wrong.”

It’s unclear whether those two officers will be charged with any crime, but organizers from the group Don’t Sleep said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry should not make that decision.

They said a special prosecutor should be assigned to the case because they said Curry has a relationship with IMPD that is too intimate.

Curry’s office has not responded to our request for comment.

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