Countdown to solar eclipse 2024 is on

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Did you miss out on Monday’s solar eclipse in central Indiana?  Well, we have some good news for you.  You won’t have to wait a century or more to see another, and weather depending, the next one will be even more spectacular for a good portions of the state of Indiana.

North America’s next total solar eclipse will be on April 8, 2024.   The total eclipse will take a different path than Monday’s, starting in Mexico, and moving through the central and eastern United States, before ending in eastern Canada.  Much of central Indiana, including Indianapolis and the metro area, will be included in the path of totality.

While Monday’s eclipse peaked at two minutes in the path of totality, we can expect peaks of up to four to four and a half minutes for the 2024 total solar eclipse.

Other cities included in the path of totality will be Austin and Dallas, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio; and Buffalo, New York;

There will be several more solar eclipses between now and then around the globe, but most of North America will not be able to see them. If Monday’s eclipse has you geeking out for more spectacular sights, here’s a list of some of the astronomical events that we can see between now and our next total solar eclipse.

2018: Total lunar eclipse:  January 31

2019: Total lunar eclipse:  January 20

Transit (Mecury): November 11

2021: Total Lunar Eclipse: May 26

Annulas solar eclipse: June 10

2022:  Total lunar eclipse:  May 15 and November 8

2023:  Annulas solar eclipse: October 14

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