Highly venomous snake found slithering through kids’ Lego set

(Inside Edition)

(INSIDE EDITION) — It was anything but child’s play as snake catchers found a dangerous eastern brown snake slithering through a kid’s Lego set.

Tony Harrison, of Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher in Australia, said he and his partner Brooke Harrison were called to a family home last week to catch what a mom identified as a carpet python, a non-venomous snake often seen in the area.

Instead, within a minute of entering the home, the pair spotted the eastern brown snake peeking through a young child’s Legos.

“It’s the second-most venomous land animal on the planet with a fairly short fuse,” Tony told InsideEdition.com. “It was a very dangerous situation for the kids of the house.”

He explained that their team relocates 500 eastern brown snakes a year, and he was especially familiar with the species since he has three of them at home as pets.

In a video posted to Facebook, Tony could be seen grabbing the snake by the tail with his bare hands, and carefully threading it into a transport bag.

The snake was then taken to Gosford Reptile Park where its venom will be extracted to create anti-venom.

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