Colts defense aims to improve on preseason performances

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Colts have reached the halfway point of the preseason, but with two preseason games under the team’s belt, the defense has left a lot to be desired.

“We haven’t done great the first couple of games. We haven’t done a good job stopping the run, we need to get more pressure on the quarterback and make his life more difficult,” said defensive lineman Henry Anderson.

Granted, the preseason means nothing in the grand scheme, but the Colts have allowed more yards per game in their first two matchups than any other team in the NFL. It’s a stat that has veterans like Anderson ready to get back on the field Saturday against Pittsburgh and prove this defense’s worth.

“Especially after the Dallas game, obviously didn’t do well. It leaves a bad taste in our mouth and we want to get back out there and kind of establish ourselves as an elite defense,” said Anderson.

The Colts defense is coming off a year where they ranked 30th in the league in yards allowed per game. Needless to say the veterans on this defense have a gigantic chip on their shoulders, and a sense of urgency to prove that last year statistically was just a fluke.

“Obviously we can’t have that much success if our defense isn’t doing well out there. Obviously we want to improve on last year and get that ranking up. The goal is to create turnovers and keep the opponent’s offense out there for as little time as possible, get the ball back to our offense and let them work,” said Anderson.

“We set that as a goal coming into the offseason and preseason as well. Just creating more turnovers and holding everyone more accountable than they did last year. That’s one of the things the vets emphasized all offseason. A lot of the rookies took that up for themselves to take that task on,” said rookie safety Malik Hooker.

That task will require more than just the rookies to accomplish. Fans will get a broader view of this defense come dress rehearsal time Saturday, as the starters stay on the field for extended reps in preseason game three in Pittsburgh.

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