Garth Brooks superfan preparing for all five Indy shows

(WISH Photo)

SULPHER SPRINGS, Ind. (WISH) — “I was a teenager before I could drive, 14, 15. Well, that was the first time I’d seen him live.”

It was only about 15 seconds into his interview about his love for Garth Brooks, when Michael Brown started to choke up.

“I’m gonna cry, sorry,” he said.

Not long after his wife put on the microphone, she got emotional, too.

“Just the fact that in the last few years, became the person that he used to be instead of that person who was so depressed and sick and couldn’t get out of bed and couldn’t do anything,” Charisma Cobb-Brown said.

Michael and Charisma got married in 2002. Not long after, Michael had back surgery, the first of many health issues that would keep him down for nearly ten years.

“He spent the better part of Garth’s retirement in the bed from being so sick,” Charisma said.

She said he battled an autoimmune disorder, kidney failure, a heart attack, a blood clot and Bell’s Palsy.

“We had a lot of hard times, but he always had Garth music to listen to,” Charisma said.

“There’s just a song for every moment. It makes bad days good and good days better,” Michael Brown said.

Michael has spent more than 20 of his days attending Garth concerts.

“There’s so much excitement and energy and love in the show that it’s always different, he always tries to make every fan feel loved and special, and you feel like he’s singing to you,” Michael said.

There was the show in Kansas City that Michael went to when he was sick.

“He was not about to miss that concert,” Charisma said. “We stayed down there for two days so that he could recover before the concert after the drive and recover before the drive back and he did that because he loves Garth.”

And there was a show in Nashville, when his fellow Garth fans sent him tickets, when he couldn’t get them on his own.

“I would live at a show if I could, I would follow him around the country, the world, if I could,” Michael said.

He has followed him to many places.

“Chicago, Lexington, Cleveland, Louisville, Columbus, Tennessee,” Michael said.

And now he’ll finally get to see him at home.

“I’d love to be able to tell him thank you for the music and who he is,” Michael said.

Michael has a few public displays of his love for Garth. He created a Garth Brooks logo decal to put on his truck taillights. And he and Charisma recently got a puppy named Brooks.