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New Eco-Friendly Eskenazi Health Campus Opens This Week   

2024-04-14 – BE&O RYB

A new Eskenazi Health Center on the east side of Indianapolis is gaining attention for its environmentally-friendly design. 

The Eskenazi Health Thomas and Arlene Grande Campus is a 95,000 sq. ft. facility on East 38th Street that was built with sustainable materials and is energy efficient. Daniel Kloc, the Director of Facility and Planning for Eskenazi Health, says the design of the building shows Eskenazi’s commitment to the environment and surrounding community. 

Kloc also says the health campus was designed with community members in mind. Eskenazi Health hosted five community workshops and met with nearby neighborhood associations and community members to discuss how to best serve the community. Kloc says everything from the artwork on the walls to the music playing in the lobby was selected with input from nearby residents. It’s “all part of the healing process,” he says.  

Kloc says, “The people were actually part of the design of this building.” He says community members had input on the landscaping and the furniture color in the building. He says it is important to Eskenazi Health that the building design reflects the community it serves. 

In addition to patient services, the campus will have space for the Marion County Health Department and a pharmacy. 

The Eskenazi Health Thomas and Arlene Grande Campus, located at 6002 E. 38th Street, will open to the public on April 17.