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Jeremy Jenkins

March 20, 2024
On this episode of Behind the 8, Cody sits down with Daybreak Anchor Jeremy Jenkins.Jeremy shares about his life outside of the station and how he got to where he is...

Dakarai Turner

February 15, 2024
On this month's Behind the 8, Cody talks with News 8's Dakarai Turner.Dakarai shares how he got into journalism. They also discuss what Dakarai enjoys doing outside of work.You can...

April Simpson

January 12, 2024
On this month's Behind the 8, Cody sits down with News 8's, April Simpson. April comes to WISH-TV with an experienced career in journalism. She now hosts ALL INDIANA with Cody...

Behind the scenes of Life.Style.Live! with Producer Petar

October 16, 2023
Cody sits down with Life.Style.Live! producer Petar Hood to talk about some of the things you don't see on the air.

Colin Denhart: Producer by day, award winning filmmaker by night

September 19, 2023
Cody Adams sits down with WISH-TV Promotion Producer Colin Denhart to talk about his passion for film making and the success he's found outside the WISH studios.

WISH-TV’s Beloved Weatherman Randy Ollis is Retiring

May 15, 2023
Longtime WISH-TV meteorologist Randy Ollis recently made it official, announcing he will retire late this summer. In this edition of Behind The 8, Randy talks about his passion for weather,...

Amber Hankins does it all

April 14, 2023
During Amber Hankins' roughly three months of maternity leave, her colleagues on Life. Style. Live. jokingly referred to the time period as their "long national nightmare." It might not have...

WISH’s Resident Weather Whisperer, Ashley Brown

March 14, 2023
Ashley Brown, the WISH-TV Chief Meteorologist, is Indianapolis-born, Indianapolis-raised, and Ball State-educated. Although she started snapping Polaroid pictures of cloud formations as a little girl, she stopped short of saying...

WISH-TV hosts ‘Racism is a Public Health Crisis’ discussion

February 20, 2023
WISH-TV hosted its latest Health Spotlight town hall special.“Racism is a Public Health Crisis” is a theme adapted by more than 250 governments, including six in Indiana. George Mallet talks...

Danielle Zulkosky’s Quest

February 15, 2023
Danielle Zulkosky is one of WISH-TV'S Nightside reporters, and as such, she spends a lot of time on the road, racing from one news story to the next. You might...

The Scott Sander Story

January 13, 2023
Scott Sander is the longtime anchor of News 8's morning broadcast, Daybreak. Sander isn't inclined to talk about himself. He is far more comfortable asking questions. In this Behind The...

Meet Lena Pringle, the new face on Daybreak

December 15, 2022
Lena Pringle is the newest member of WISH-TV's Daybreak team. As George Mallet found out, Lena is nothing short of a ball of energy. George talks to Lena about her...

Going the distance with Drew Blair

November 15, 2022
WISH-TV Midday and 5 PM anchor Drew Blair has been recognized for both her reporting and producing by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Associated Press. This seasoned journalist...

WISH-TV’s bilingual reporter Camila Fernandez

October 14, 2022
Camila Fernandez's assignment as WISH-TV's bilingual reporter is a tangible reminder of the station's commitment to serving traditionally underserved communities. Camila is given a lot of autonomy in choosing the...

The Remarkable Ray Brune

September 15, 2022
Raymond J Brune has been nothing short of a juggernaut in the television game. Ray has made a career out of producing personalities. Some of the most famous faces on...

Courtney Wiggins on Finding Indiana

August 15, 2022
Courtney Wiggins, a talented news producer for WISH-TV, is also a history buff. Wiggins's curiosity has led her to search for hidden gems in local African-American history. The result is...

A funny thing about Randall Newsome

July 15, 2022
Randall Newsome is one of the hosts of Life. Style. Live. and All Indiana. What you may not know is that Randall is also a fledgling standup comedian. In this...

Tara Hastings on meteorology and motherhood

June 16, 2022
Meteorologist Tara Hastings is the very definition of a "sandwich generation" member. At 41, she became a joyful, new mom. Her baby daughter is the light of her life. Now,...

Cody Adams chronicles the heroic efforts of the cancer crusaders at Riley Hospital for Children

May 13, 2022
WISH-TV 8 Reporter Cody Adams was working in Terre Haute before he joined WISH-TV. The young reporter was just getting his career and family underway when his baby daughter, Madelyn,...

Behind The 8/ Alexis Rogers on Emmitt Till

April 15, 2022
On this edition of Behind The 8, WISH-TV's Alexis Rogers talks about her series of reports on the murder of Emmett Till. Rogers is related to Till and got unprecedented...

Katiera Winfrey creates a whole new beat as WISH-TV’s first Multicultural Reporter

March 22, 2022
Katiera Winfrey has embraced her role as WISH-TV's multicultural reporter. This young but experienced journalist is all about shining a light on Indianapolis communities that have historically been underserved. Winfrey...

Television news through the eyes of a long-serving photojournalist

February 15, 2022
George Mallet sits down with veteran photojournalist Marcus Collins. This 33-year veteran has seen it all. From covering a Ku Klux Klan rally as an African-American to shaking the hand...

Behind The 8 Gets To Know WISH-TV’s Phil Sanchez

January 26, 2022
Phil Sanchez recently launched WISH-TV's News 8 at 11 with Phil Sanchez. What does it mean to anchor a daily news broadcast that bears the name Phil Sanchez? How has...

All Indiana Bets: Halftime

December 01, 2021
Indy's one and only sports betting show, "All Indiana Bets" is halfway through the season. McKinzie welcomes her cohosts Jason Hammer, Scott Long and Producer Petar Hood on the show...

Are you ready for All Indiana Bets?

September 04, 2021
Anything can happen when McKinzie Roth, Jason Hammer and Scott Long are given an hour to help make you money! Learn more about All Indiana Bets. Tune in from 11...

McKinzie welcomes WISH-TV Medical Expert Dr. Jerome Adams

July 09, 2021
Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams is part of WISH-TV’s medical reporting team as WISH-TV’s Medical Expert. Find out what it was REALLY like being the 20th Surgeon General of the United...

Gr8 Pasta Push

June 07, 2021
McKinzie welcomes Nora Spitznogle, Senior Director of Programs for Second Helpings to the show!Nora shares the program initiative, finding her passion past 40 and the importance of a life PIVOT.

Start Your Engines

May 26, 2021
McKinzie welcomes Charlie Clifford from WISH-TV’s sports division to give the skinny on full race day coverage, driver mullets and the race party everyone is talking about!!!

I’m Ready for my Close-Up

April 30, 2021
McKinzie welcomes the newest member of the WISH-TV family, Raymond Brune to the show!!! Ray dishes on his time at KTLA, E! News and beyond! He reveals the biggest disappointment...

Mass shooting at FedEx

April 16, 2021
BREAKING NEWS: McKinzie welcomes Alexis Rogers to brief us minute to minute on the mass shooting at Fed Ex detailing how a newsroom delegates all the moving parts to find...

We punch above our weight

February 26, 2021
McKinzie welcomes Julie Goodman, Arts Council of Indianapolis President and CEO. Julie shines light on the resilience of Indy artists through the pandemic, future plans and how you can become...

WISH-TV celebrates Black History Month

February 10, 2021
McKinzie Roth chats with co-anchor Alexis Rogers about how WISH-TV is celebrating Black History Month. Alexis shares insight regarding the 25th Anniversary of "Art and Soul" and some fun facts...

WISH-TV celebrates Black History Month

February 10, 2021
McKinzie Roth chats with co-anchor Alexis Rogers about how WISH-TV is celebrating Black History Month. Alexis shares insight regarding the 25th Anniversary of "Art and Soul" and some fun facts...

Loud and Proud 24/7

November 23, 2020
McKinzie welcomes special guest Craig Aron to the show. They dish on the LGBTQ community, Indy dating scene and freedom of being your authentic self.

Baby Love

November 13, 2020
McKinzie welcomes special guest WISH-TV weekend anchor Nina Criscuolo and the youngest guest EVER on Behind the 8, her newborn Claire to the show. Nina reveals weight loss secrets, how...

The Truth is LIT

November 06, 2020
McKinzie welcomes 1st time guest to the show, WISH-TV Reporter, Sierra Hignite. The ladies drop makeup tips, address the Karens of the world and reveal why an escape plan is...

Podcast: Searching for our ‘King’

October 30, 2020
McKinzie welcomes back avid millennial WISH-TV viewer, Abbie Landrum to discuss what tops the list of CRINGE, the ultimate Halloween Candy and if Phil Sanchez will finally meet his #1...

It’s Hammer Time

October 23, 2020
McKinzie welcomes special guest, Jason Hammer from WIBC's "Hammer and Nigel" to the show. They divulge the ultimate dating slogan, the truth behind the infamous John Stamos big head and...

Look for a Sign

October 16, 2020
McKinzie welcomes the newest member of WISH-TV, Alexis Rogers to the show. The ladies talk faith, first day nerves, Taco Tuesday and who is a hot mess express in the...


October 09, 2020
McKinzie invites back show fave, Phil Sanchez to find out who is better at parking, where to find the best pizza in town and just HOW he got THAT nickname!

Suga Suga how you get so FLY?

October 02, 2020
McKinzie welcomes fascinating guest, Teddy Hoffman to the show! The Entrepreneur who resides in Dallas, dishes on everything from his days on Wall Street to reaching the top of Mount...

When Worlds Collide

September 25, 2020
McKinzie tests WISH-TV's Charlie Clifford from the sports team on his pop culture knowledge. They dish on everything from Post Malone to the best episode of FRIENDS, to Phillip Rivers...


September 18, 2020
McKinzie welcomes back WISH-TV viewer, stylist Abbie Landrum. The ladies dish on Fall Style, Entertainment Headlines and First Date Essentials!!!

Inside Indy Style

September 11, 2020
McKinzie chats it up with Indy Style Executive Producer, Janine Garner about what it really takes to keep a lifestyle show going full steam ahead. The ladies dish on panic...

Peace out Producer Porkchop

August 28, 2020
McKinzie and her right hand man/OG producer “Producer Porkchop” reflect on their top rated radio shows, what he watches 24/7 and why he is leaving Indy forever. Mascara Alert!

Glam Time

August 22, 2020
McKinzie gets makeup tips and tricks from professional makeup artist, Jessica Winchell.Find out what products really work and which are a total waste of money.

Science Behind Skin Care and Looking Good On and Off Camera

August 17, 2020
McKinzie chats with Dr. Gregory Chernoff about the latest in skincare, procedures and what celebs do to maintain that gorgeous glow!

Millennials and Mullets

August 05, 2020
McKinzie’s special guest is stylist Abbie Landrum. She is 21 and gives a millennial perspective on WISH-TV.The ladies also dish on ghosting, mullets and freshening up your look!

WISH-TV legend, Dick Wolfsie signs off with a final farewell

July 27, 2020
Ahead of his retirement after 40 years in the business, McKinzie and Dick Wolfsie chat about his expansive career, most frightening assignment ever and that infamous jogging pic with Richard...

Long Runs, Romance Novels, Mark Wahlberg, these are a few of my favorite things

July 02, 2020
McKinzie calls special guest, Phil Sanchez out for loving cats, J-lo and those shirtless modeling days.

You not only look like a dumb blonde you park like one

June 30, 2020
McKinzie addresses the “Karens” of the world head on and chats it up with super producer, Lindsay Dailey about what REALLY goes on in the control room.

Bachelorette confessions, sleep divorces and Would you Rather?

June 19, 2020
McKinzie and special guest, Nicole Erickson dish on everything from sleep divorces to the hottest race car drivers plus play a ruthless game of Would you Rather.

Whirlwind Romance & The Weather

June 12, 2020
McKinzie chats it up with special guest, WISH-TV Meteorologist Tara Hastings.They talk quarantine love, weather predictions and getting bailed out of bad dates!!!

Authenticity is KEY and “Katiera is just Katiera”

June 05, 2020
McKinzie sits down with Multicultural Reporter, Katiera Winfrey who reveals what it is REALLY like covering protests and her new catchphrase!

On the Move with McKinzie and special guest Mike Barz

May 29, 2020
McKinzie chats with anchor Mike Barz about his years at IU, moving every few years, that OMG moment on air and how he auditioned against Ryan Seacrest!!!

Race weekend postponed plus Randall Newsome tells all

May 22, 2020
In this episode of Behind the 8, Entertainment Insider, McKinzie Roth dishes about race weekend now being in August, Brooke Martin having a baby and Randall Newsome explains how his...

Imposter McKinzie and checking in with Kylie Conway

May 15, 2020
McKinzie reveals the next big celeb she’s interviewing, checks in with Daybreaks Kylie Conway and calls out a fake McKinzie!!!

Angry Tweens and Checking in with Brooke Martin

May 08, 2020
McKinzie reveals the actress she’ll be interviewing next, what she learned from chatting with Selena Gomez and we hear from WISH-TV's Brooke Martin.Brooke tells McKinzie how working from home is...

Sanchez Spills It

April 29, 2020
In this inaugural podcast of WISH-TV’s Behind The 8, McKinzie gets to know the real Phil Sanchez. Phil answers questions from the fans, talks about growing up, life behind the...

BEHIND THE 8 Trailer

April 15, 2020
From the all new All INdiana Podcast Network, WISH-TV Entertainment Insider McKinzie Roth sneak peaks candid stories and behind the scenes nuggets from your favorite on-air personalities. Nothing is off...