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Publishing Principles

Publishing Principles at WISH-TV


At WISH-TV, our mission is to serve our viewers with the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive news coverage. As Indiana’s only statewide television news network, WISH-TV offers over 80 hours per week of local news and programming and provides around-the-clock information on digital platforms. WISH-TV is an affiliate of Circle City Broadcasting. Circle City Broadcasting is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and Black owned business.

Our Principles:

Our Coverage:

Our Commitment:

WISH-TV is dedicated to being a trusted source of news, providing content that is not only informative but also enriches the lives of our viewers. As a news leader in television market number 25, WISH-TV is committed to sharing information in a timely and accurate manner.

For more details about WISH-TV and how to get in contact with us, visit our About Us page.

Ownership and Funding Information of WISH-TV

WISH-TV operates under the ownership of Circle City Broadcasting, LLC. Circle City Broadcasting supports WISH-TV’s mission of providing reliable, community-focused journalism and diverse programming with a steadfast commitment to the interests and needs of Central Indiana.

DuJuan McCoy is the Owner, President, and CEO of Circle City Broadcasting and all the companies underneath the broadcast and digital media network, including Circulus Digital Media, the All INdiana Podcast Network, and MyINDY-TV 23. Circle City Broadcasting upholds a standard of excellence in broadcasting, focusing on delivering a diverse mix of news, weather, entertainment, sports, and local interest content. Circle City Broadcasting is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and Black owned business. For a detailed overview of WISH-TV’s ownership and funding, please refer to the Circle City Broadcasting website.

Engaging with WISH-TV: Our Actionable Feedback Policy

WISH-TV is dedicated to maintaining open channels of communication with our audience. We welcome all feedback, inquiries, news tips, and comments through various means, including email and a dedicated contact form on our website. For specific news-related concerns or suggestions, viewers can reach out directly to our news desk at

WISH-TV also offers contact details for solving closed captioning and reception issues, ensuring accessibility for all viewers. We encourage community members interested in appearing on Life.Style.Live! to contact us via email. For more detailed information on how to engage with us and provide feedback, please visit our Contact Us page.

Our Commitment to Accuracy – Corrections Policy at WISH-TV

At WISH-TV, we are committed to providing our audience with news that is accurate and trustworthy. Our journalists and editors adhere to a strict fact checking process before articles are published on In the fast-paced news industry, we understand that errors can occur despite our best efforts. Our corrections policy is designed to address such instances promptly and transparently.

Our Corrections Process:

Feedback and Contact:

Commitment to Standards:

At WISH-TV, upholding journalistic integrity is our top priority. Our corrections policy is a vital part of our commitment to delivering news with the highest standards of accuracy.

For more information or to report a correction, please visit our Contact Us page.

Ethical Journalism at WISH-TV: Our Standards and Practices

At WISH-TV, our commitment to ethical journalism is at the core of our mission. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in our news reporting and take the responsibility to our community seriously.

Key Principles of Our Ethics Policy:

Implementation and Enforcement:

Our news desk, reporters, producers, and anchors are trained in these principles, which guide our daily journalism practice. We have policies in place to enforce these standards and continuously review them to adapt to evolving journalistic practices.

WISH-TV’s ethical journalism policy is the foundation of our relationship with our audience. We are committed to reporting with integrity, ensuring our community receives accurate news they can trust.

Embracing diversity at WISH-TV in our content and company


At WISH-TV, we believe that diversity enriches our company and enhances the quality of our reporting. WISH-TV is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and a Black owned business. Our Diversity Policy reflects our commitment to an inclusive and varied workplace and editorial content. Circle City Broadcasting is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Our Diversity Principles:


Our dedication to diversity is integral to our mission at WISH-TV. We strive to create an environment where diverse voices, perspectives, and stories are valued and reflected in our work. WISH-TV is an affiliate of Circle City Broadcasting.