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Tips to identify legitimate field staff and prevent customer scams

Citizens Energy Group: Customer scams and safety

We often hear that scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated in how they can impersonate people for a variety of illegitimate reasons. Ben Easley from Citizens Energy Group is here to explain how to guard against scams in your neighborhood as well as how to identify meter readers and other field staff in your community who are legitimately doing their jobs.

Citizens Energy Group employees—along with workers from other utilities—are in neighborhoods each day completing important work, and they sometimes cannot give prior notice when reading utility meters and working near or on private property. We want you, the customer, to feel safe as our personnel complete their work, and we also want to ensure the safety of our employees in the field.

Here are a few tips to identify our field employees as well as protect yourself from potential scams:

  • Citizens Energy Group field employees wear uniforms with the Citizens logo and always carry a Citizens badge.
  • Sometimes you may notice a Citizens vehicle or technical equipment, but sometimes employees will not be near their vehicle or use no specific equipment at all. If the meter has an automated, smart connection to our equipment, they will not have to stand right next to your meter . After completing their specific task, they will move along to their next assignment.
  • Our workers rarely need to enter a home without an appointment. Check the uniform or ask to see the employee’s identification before letting anyone into your home.
  • If you have questions about the identity of a Citizens employee, feel free to give us a call. If you suspect someone to be impersonating a Citizens employee, call us immediately to report the incident. Our number is 317-924-3311.

Following these tips can make your community safer for both you and your friendly neighborhood meter reader and other field employees from Citizens Energy Group.