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3 Tips (and Recipes!) for Clean Eating Meal Planning

Eat clean. Eat healthy. Feel good! Registered Dietitian and Author of “Clean Eating for Busy Families,” Michelle Dudash, shares tips, recipes and more for clean eating meal planning!

3 Tips (and Recipes!) for Clean Eating Meal Planning

1. What’s most important for healthy meal planning?

Properly stock your kitchen and jot down a weekly plan.

• A stocked pantry is the most important thing to help get nutritious meals on the table in minutes.

• Always keep on hand: a couple proteins, a dinnertime vegetable, whole-grain rice or quinoa.

• Look at your calendar before each week to see how many weeknights you’ll be home for and work backwards from that.

• There are also meal planning programs out there. Like my Monthly Meal Plans Made Simple. There are programs to suit whatever your dietary preferences. Or is a program for paleo and gluten-free.

2. What types of recipes can really save us time?

Make one-pot and make-ahead meals whenever possible.

• Prepare one-pot meals containing a vegetable, protein, and perhaps a starch or complex carb-they are a lifesaver, time saver, and dish saver!

3. Dust off that slow cooker and make a double batch.

• Dust off your slow cooker. Nothing better than coming home to a clean kitchen and homemade meal.

• Brighten things up with fresh produce. Like with this dish.

4. Do you have any other time-saving tips?

Develop a good grocery shopping routine.

• Avoid doing your big shopping trip after a long workday when you’re hungry and tired before dinner. That is just asking for trouble. Shop on the weekend or Monday morning.

• If you are short on time, get groceries delivered. After you consider the impulse items you curtailed, car mileage and your time, you will probably find yourself saving money even.

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New Tasty, Healthy Food Products to Keep You On Track for 2017

We’re a few weeks into our New Year resolutions to eat healthier. If you’re looking for some new tasty foods to add to the mix, Michelle Dudash has you covered. Michelle says she discovered these products recently at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual Food and Nutrition Expo, where there are hundreds, maybe thousands of new products. These were some of her favorites.1. Breakfast

Betsy’s Best nut butters

These delicious nut butters have flavors you probably haven’t tasted before in a nut butter. In Indiana, available at Kroger and Marsh stores. The creator, Betsy Opyt, is from Peru Indiana and was Miss Indiana in 2000.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp seeds

Hemp Hearts, Hemp Heart Toppers – Maple & Cinnamon, and Rosemary flavours, Hemp Heart Bites and Vanilla Chai Hemp Protein Smoothie. Hemp foods have a pleasant nutty and earthy taste, are easy to use and nutritious too. Hemp foods are rich in protein and omegas and contain fiber, magnesium and other nutrients.

2. Lunch & Dinner

Eat Smart salad kits

Mccormick Gourmet Blends3. Snacks

Rhythm Super Foods broccoli bites and beet chips

Biena Snacks

Simple ingredients with protein and fiber. Crunchy savory snack.

Gaia Herbs Golden MilkSheet Pan Chicken Dinner

By Michelle Dudash, RDN, Cordon Bleu-certified chef and creator of Clean Eating Cooking School: Monthly Meal Plans Made Simple

I love one-pot wonders…and sheet pan wonders! Protein, vegetables and a side starch all cook together in the oven. Depending on the season, feel free to swap out almost any vegetable for the peppers, like carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or anything else you have on hand. Simple cooking method, easy clean up, big-time flavor. What more could you ask for?

2 pounds chicken legs (about 5-6)

1 1/4 pound red potatoes (about 16 small potatoes), quartered

1 medium red bell pepper, diced

1 cup diced onion

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

2 teaspoons all-purpose salt-free seasoning

1/2 teaspoon salt

Black pepper

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 400°F convection. For easier clean up, line a large sheet pan with a non-stick baking pat or parchment paper.

Place the chicken in a single layer on one side of a sheet pan and the potatoes on the other side of the pan. Place the peppers and onions in the middle of the pan. Drizzle the oil all over. Sprinkle the seasoning, salt and pepper all over. Bake until the chicken is browned and cooked through, about 20-30 minutes. Remove from oven and drizzle the vinegar on the chicken, peppers and onions. Transfer chicken to a plate and stir the vegetables. Continue to roast the vegetables for 15-20 minutes, until the potatoes are browned and fork tender.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 4 servings, 1 1/2 legs each (with 2/3 cup vegetables)

Cook’s notes: The best places to buy industrial-style sheet pans include big box retailers and restaurant supply stores. Gourmet kitchen stores sell them as well, but at a higher price.

Per serving: Calories 443; Fat 20 g (Saturated 4 g); Cholesterol 101 mg; Sodium 414 mg; Carbohydrate 32 g; Fiber 4 g; Protein 34 g; Vitamin A 21% DV; Calcium 5% DV; Vitamin C 87% DV; Iron 18% DV

Recipes adapted with permission from Clean Eating Cooking School: Monthly Meal Plans Made Simple.(No-Chop) Slow-Cooker Turkey Chili with Garbanzo & Black Beans

By Michelle Dudash, RDN, Creator of

I love this chili! And even though it is filled with beans, my husband still loves it, too. It only takes 15 minutes to prep it before you run out the door to pick up the kids or get to your appointment. Next thing you know, you’re coming home to a yummy smelling home and hot pot of deliciousness. This dish freezes beautifully and tastes even better the next day.

3 teaspoons high heat oil, like canola oil

1 pound lean ground turkey

1 teaspoon each chili powder, garlic powder and ground cumin

1/4 teaspoon salt and pepper

1 (28-ounce) can whole tomatoes with juice

1 (14-ounce) can garbanzo beans (chickpeas), drained

1 (14-ounce) can black beans, drained

3/4 cup broth (like chicken, beef or vegetable)

2 tablespoons onion flakes (or use 1 cup diced onion)

1/8 teaspoon crumbled dried oregano

Toppings: diced avocado, cilantro leaves, lime wedges, tortilla chips, cheese and whatever else you like!

Heat a large sauté pan or skillet on medium-high heat and add the oil. When the oil is shimmering, add the turkey in a single even layer by breaking it off into sections before adding to the pan. Break it up a bit with a wooden spoon, preferably with a straight edge. Cook the turkey undisturbed until it is partially golden on the bottom, about 4 minutes. Sprinkle with chili and garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper. Flip the turkey and break up into smaller pieces. Remove from heat.

Add the tomatoes to the slow cooker and break them up with a spoon. Add the cooked turkey, beans, broth, onion flakes and oregano. Cover and cook on low for 4 1/2 hours, up to 6 hours. Or 2 hours on high and 1 hour on low.

Serve in bowls and sprinkle with your favorite toppings.

Yield: 7 servings (1 1/2 cup each) ● Prep Time: 15 minutes ● Cook Time: 4-6 hours

Cook’s notes:

Flavor boost without the sodium: nutritional yeast seasoning. Find it in the natural food section, or near the spices. I sprinkle it on most savory vegetable-based casseroles and stews.

Per serving: Calories 270; Fat 7 g (Saturated 1.5 g); Cholesterol 37 mg; Sodium 618 mg; Carbohydrate 22 g; Fiber 5 g; Protein 18 g; Vitamin A 5% DV; Calcium 7% DV; Vitamin C 24% DV; Iron 21% DV

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