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Actor and Comedian Benedict Polizzi unveils the CW’s new spinoff, ‘Lovers and Liars’

Comedian Ben Polizzi talks new reality show

In the CW’s dating competition show, ‘Lovers and Liars,’ 24 women join three men on a tropical island for a chance to fall in love and win $100,000.

The twist? Half of the women are looking for love, but the other half are just there to deceive the men and win the cold hard cash. Will the men be able to separate the lovers from the liars in order to win love AND money? 

Here’s more with Actor and Comedian Benedict Polizzi.

About: ‘Lovers and Liars’ is produced by STXtelevision. The series was created by Elan Gale (“The Bachelor” franchise), who is executive producing for TheYearOfElan Productions alongside Jason Goldberg for STXtelevision. Nikki Glaser serves as host and executive producer. Bill Dixon and Audrey Smith serve as executive producers and showrunners. The series is directed by Michael Shea. 

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