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Be one of the first to see “Live Adventurously”

Danielle Nolan, Owner, DNK Presents, and Kate Nolan, Owner, DNK Presents are here to show us a sneak peak of their new movie before its premiere as well as an exciting contest!

DNK Presents hosted the inaugural Women’s Adventure Contest in 2016, they asked people from across Indiana to nominate a woman who they felt needed an adventure in their life. In a short time an overwhelming amount of nominations came in with unbelievable and compelling stories. A committee was formed to select 4 women to win a customized adventure weekend guided by Danielle and Kate in central Indiana. None of them knew each other or exactly what was in store for them, but they all left with something much more than they ever imagined possible.

– Women’s Adventure Contest inaugural year 2016

– Hired 12 Stars Media to follow the women and document their transformational journey throughout the long weekend

– Film, “Live Adventurously” is now completed and will make it’s U.S. premiere at the Indianapolis Museum of Art outdoor amphitheater Friday April 14th at 8pm (in the case of inclement weather we will be inside the Toby theater)

– Have begun submitting the film to film festivals including Heartland and the Indy Film Festival

– Goal of the film is to show and gain more awareness of women trying something for the first time, being adventurous, and having fun in the great outdoors. Showing the positive effects of adventure, and seeing more positive roles for women in film/TV and more women in the outdoors.

– In the process of choosing our 2017 Women’s Adventure Contest winners and are excited to announce that we will be producing another documentary of the adventure weekend this year

Bio: DNK Presents organizes and guides adventure retreats for groups and businesses. We focus on getting people to step outside their comfort zones, try something for the first time, and in turn gain confidence and empowerment through experiential learning and adventure. Our trips range from local guided hikes, backpacking and yoga retreats, mountain bike clinics and rides, indoor and outdoor rock climbing programs, Leave No Trace workshops, etc. When is the last time you did something for the first time?

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