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Croon 4 a Cause on Monument Circle

In sports, competitions & events, it is often said to GO HARD OR GO HOME. Well, THIS time, we’re going HARD on the WAY HOME! MONUMENTAL even!

Frank Smith III, Chief Entertainment Officer, The K.N.O. Warrior (Know Warrior), explains why being the Know Warrior is SO MUCH more than having a good time!

In the BIGGEST part of the city, the BIGGEST karaoke event in the HISTORY of Indianapolis will be taking place for all to see, hear, & enjoy. For 1 reason. The Children at Riley. MY child was a Riley kid. I am forever grateful for the attention & care they gave him. It was at 12:51 am, on my 2nd Peanut butter & Jelly Sandwich (TRUE STORY) that I came up with an Idea to somehow repay them for the kindness they had shown my family. Since I just HAPPEN to be the 2-time KARAOKE champion of Indiana and have had karaoke events in the past, why not do it for a cause? That is, CROON 4 A CAUSE!On august 5th, all KARAOKE singers who have donated $5 to the Riley Children’s Foundation will get a chance to showcase their vocal talent on the south stairs of Monument Circle from 9am to 9pm!Donate $10 dollars and you get to sing 2 songs!$20 dollars & it’s 4 songs!ALL for the Riley Children’s Foundation!

Check out the NAPTOWN BREAKDOWN CHALLENGE: K.N.O.Warrior/The Naptown Breakdown backside view Karaoke FUNdraiser | FacebookWhy this event? To raise money to support the great work the RILEY CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION is doing to help the kids in Indiana & Beyond.

Karaoke is a GREAT way to have locals come together for a common cause. in THIS case, ROCKING the Mic knowing that the $5 donation is going to help keep the Foundation going.

Why Monument Circle? WHY NOT? Performing in the middle of city just sounds awesome and with 12 hours to kill, we will definitely see some AMAZING performances throughout the day. this city has PLENTY of Talent I hope that talent makes it way to CROONING4ACAUSE AUGUST 5TH! The city gets a free concert and the kids get funding. a WIN WIN!