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Exotic Pet Adoption

Rabbits… guinea pics… hamsters… and even rats! When you’re part of the Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary like Heather Sokol, it’s what you know… and what you do! Today on Indy Style, Heather, along with her daughters Brenia and Lorelai, help us learn what the sanctuary is all about and how YOU can foster or adopt one of the animals, yourself!


EARPS  is a central Indiana non-profit rescue group made up of volunteers working to help pocket pets, exotic and non-traditional pets. Yes, there really is a rescue for everything! We coordinate with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, the Humane Society, and several shelters throughout the state as well as surrounding states, as well as the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic to rescue animals.

We seek to help control the pet population through spaying and neutering our adoptable pets whenever possible. EARPS currently has over 100 rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, reptiles, birds and other exotic animals currently in foster care around the state, with volunteers who work to educate the public on the proper care of exotic pets. Anyone interested in adopting one of our animals can visit our website to learn more about the care of exotic species and complete an adoption application online.

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