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Gadget Guy: Gadgets for Kids

Put these on your list for spring and summer fun! The Gadget Guy, David Novak, puts them all on display! Here are today’s products:Piki Piki Bike; $69.95

The new Piki Piki Bike by Gallo Spence Toys allows children 18 months and older to learn some of the most important fundamental skills, making the transition to a two-wheeled bicycle that much smoother. Lightweight and durable with no sharp edges, the Piki Piki Bike is the ideal first bike for toddlers (up to 70 lbs). The Piki Piki Bike promotes confidence and improves motor coordination. It steers like a real bicycle and offers more independence than a balance bike. It looks like a motorcycle and comes in three fun colors: red, blue and pink. There is no assembly required and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is constructed of nontoxic materials and is proudly made in the USA.BuddyPhones; $24.95 – $37.99; $49.95 for In-Flight version

Safe and comfortable volume-limited headphones for kids. BuddyPhones use a sound-control circuit to limit volume levels to 85 decibels, the highest level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). A built-in audio splitter, called a BuddyCable, allows up to four buddies to share the same device. BuddyPhones are super durable and comfortable, with pillow-soft earpads and a cushioned headband for all-day comfort. A convenient travel bag provides protective storage on the road.Aquabot; $26.50

Aquabot is a multi-functional water bottle that turns into a pressurized super soaker with just a couple pumps. It sprays up to 25 feet and has shower, stream and mist patterns. The spray is continuous and powerful with a variable flow control trigger. Pump it to build pressure; no batteries required. It is perfect for keeping cool and hydrated during youth sports, water fights or they can even wash down all that dirt they gathered while on a camping trip. It’s BPA free, has two attachment points for lanyards and works upside down for extra convenience.MyDrinky; $9.95

MyDrinky helps stop the accidental juice-box-squeeze. The two-piece adjustable locking mechanism keeps a juice box secure in the holder so it can’t be squeezed and it won’t fall out if it’s turned upside down. MyDrinky fits all sizes – including the smallest 4 oz. boxes and juice pouches, like Capri Sun, and the large 8 oz. milk boxes. Four height adjustments allow you to choose how short or tall MyDrinky needs to be to fit a drink. The top clicks into place so you know it’s secure. BPA and Pthalate-free, dishwasher safe and made in the USA.Swicharoos; $39.99 for pick 3

Swicharoos allow girls to turn one pair of sandals into dozens of different styles. They have a patented attachment system that lets you quickly push, turn and click, and switch out the tops of your sandals to different colors and patterns. You choose which color sole (tan or black) and how many fashionable uppers you’d like to purchase. Switcharoos are high-end, comfortable sandals that are not like ordinary flip flops. Available for girls and teens (start at girl’s size 10-11 and go up to teen size 5-6).Wigli Active Chair

Back health starts at a young age. With a Wigli ergonomic chair, the flexible seat moves in all directions. Simply by keeping yourself in balance, you bring your back in shape. This keeps the muscles in your back and abdomen working, rather than slacking while you’re sitting. The Wigli has an extra soft seat where it is most important: under your sitting bones. The height can be easily adjusted for any kid’s height.