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Herron Riverside prepares students for success

Herron Classical

Herron Riverside is shaping future leaders in Indianapolis. Katie Dorsey, Herron Classical Schools’ VP of Academic Affairs & Herron Riverside founding head of school, and recent graduate Rubab Asad, shared their experiences and insights.

Dorsey reflected on the school’s growth and impact. “It’s amazing to see how our schools have evolved and the opportunities we provide for students,” she said. Herron Riverside, along with Herron High School and Herron Preparatory Academy, are public, tuition-free schools in Indianapolis. “We are committed to preparing students to be well-rounded, fully engaged citizens,” Dorsey added.

Herron Riverside High School, with about 400 students, offers a favorable student-to-teacher ratio. This allows for personalized attention, helping students discover their passions and career paths. “We focus on individualized guidance, helping each student find their path,” Dorsey explained.

Rubab Asad, a recent graduate, shared her journey. “I came to America at the beginning of my junior year, and Riverside was my first high school here,” she said. Asad faced challenges as an international student, particularly in navigating college applications and scholarships. “My college counselor was incredibly supportive, helping me through every step,” she noted.

Asad’s hard work paid off. She plans to attend Indiana University Indianapolis with a full scholarship. “I’m going to IU Indy because I got the BECO scholarship,” she said. Asad is considering a career in dentistry, plastic surgery, or dermatology.

Dorsey emphasized the school’s mission to provide rigorous, rich high school experiences. “We aim to open doors for students to pursue their desired paths,” she said. The school’s focus on diversity allows students from various backgrounds to learn and grow together. “Our intentional diversity enriches the educational experience,” Dorsey added.

Enrollment for the next school year is open. For more information, visit