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Indy trending on Airbnb ahead of Indy 500

Indy trending on Airbnb ahead of 500

According to a spokesperson from Airbnb, the Indy500 brings in a lot of money and opportunities for hosts and the local community.

It’s not just existing hosts who benefit; new hosts can get started too.

Airbnb now makes it easier than ever to become a host, whether you have a regular house, an airstream, or even a camper van.

If you’re thinking about becoming a host, it’s not too late. You can still sign up and make the most of the interest around the Indy500.

Just go to to learn more.

Some interesting facts: Last year, during the Indy500 weekend, hosts in Indianapolis earned nearly $1.5 million from guests coming from all over the world.

This year, Airbnb sees a lot of interest in Indianapolis for the Indy500 weekend, with people from cities like Columbus, Milwaukee, and Chicago planning their stays.