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Meraki Fit showcases latest eco-friendly athletic gear

Meraki Fit

Meraki Fit LLC, an Indianapolis-based athletic clothing brand, appeared on Life.Style.Live! to showcase their latest eco-friendly apparel. CEO Louie and COO Aaron discussed the brand’s origins, new releases, and future aspirations.

Founded to provide high-quality athletic gear, Meraki Fit emphasizes eco-friendly materials and designs that empower athletes of all levels. “Meraki Fit started with a vision to create sustainable, high-performance athletic wear,” Louie explained. “We want to make sure our customers not only look good but feel good about their choices.”

The segment featured a variety of Meraki’s latest drop, including three different colored shirts, two crop tops, two stringers, a pair of shorts, a sports bra, and sports leggings. Each item is designed with both style and functionality in mind, setting Meraki Fit apart in the athletic wear market.

When asked about the future of Meraki Fit, Aaron shared their ambitious goals. “In five years, we aim to expand globally while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and quality,” he said. The brand also supports important causes, aligning with their mission to make a positive impact both in the fitness community and the environment.

For viewers interested in following Meraki Fit’s journey, Louie and Aaron encouraged them to visit their Instagram page @Merakifit_llc or their website “We love engaging with our community and sharing our latest updates,” Louie added.

To provide an exclusive offer to viewers, Meraki Fit announced a 10% discount using the code “WISHTV” at checkout. This special offer aims to introduce more people to their eco-friendly athletic gear.

Meraki Fit continues to innovate in the athletic apparel industry, prioritizing both performance and environmental sustainability. For more information and to shop their latest collection, visit their website or Instagram page.