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National Memorial Day Concert 2024

National Memorial Day Concert

Every year, on the day before Memorial Day, something very special happens. It’s called the National Memorial Day Concert, and it’s a big deal!

This concert is broadcast live from the U.S. Capitol to millions of people across America. It’s been happening for 35 years, and it’s always on PBS.

The concert is all about honoring the heroes who have served our country, and it’s seen by people all over the world on the American Forces Network.

This year, the concert will include a tribute to a special hero named Allen Hoe. Allen is a Vietnam Veteran and a Gold Star Father.

He served bravely in the U.S. Army, and his son, First Lieutenant Nainoa Hoe, was also a hero.

Nainoa was tragically killed in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Allen’s story is one of bravery, honor, and finding peace after losing his son.

At the concert, a talented actor will share Allen’s story, and Allen himself will be there to be honored on camera.

It’s going to be a powerful and emotional moment, reminding us all of the sacrifices made by our military heroes and their families.