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Purdue Polytechnic High Schools building a future for students

Purdue Polytechnic High Schools building a future for students (PAID AE UNKNOWN)

Dr. Keeanna Warren, the CEO of Purdue Polytechnic High Schools (PPHS), and Huma Moghul, a senior at PPHS, joined us Monday morning to share how their school network’s partnership with Purdue University is getting students ready for the future.

PPHS is a free, public high school network with a special connection to Purdue University.

Thanks to this partnership, students at PPHS can enjoy the benefits of Purdue programs and have an easier path to getting into Purdue University.

PPHS has many locations across the city and is growing steadily.

Their approach to education is different; they believe in learning beyond classroom walls.

Dr. Warren’s job is to make sure everything runs smoothly so that educators, administrators, and students like Huma can thrive at PPHS.

Students at PPHS get real-world experiences, work-based learning, and hands-on projects that tackle real community issues.

Whether they want to follow the Purdue path or choose a different one, they’ll still benefit from Purdue’s academic excellence.

To learn more about Purdue Polytechnic High Schools, you can visit their website at because they believe education is essential.

At PPHS, they’re all about empowering students across Indiana to shape the world they dream of.

It’s about preparing for tomorrow’s leaders today.