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Women-owned electric bicycle shop

Biking on two wheels will never be the same! Check out these e-Bloom Electric Bicycles. Abby Simpson and Lee Ann McKay explain how they work and why you’re going to want one… immediately!

Lee Ann says:

“A lot of them are like I’m not comfortable on bikes anymore, I don’t balance well, I can’t keep up with my husband, so it’s just trying to get people back on bicycles again. We just had a lady buy a bike a couple of days ago and now she can ride with her husband 35 miles without stopping and keep up with him at 17 mph, and she’s pedaling the whole time.”

Electric bikes work just like normal bikes, you still have to pedal, but it’s just like someone is running behind you giving you a gentle push. That added battery power helps riders young and old climb tough hills and bike farther. That means recreational bikers can enjoy their rides longer, and commuters can ride their bicycles to work without arriving sweaty and tired. The small, electric motor can be turned off completely, or turned to different levels of assistance as needed.

To learn more, visit or on Facebook @ebikesarefun.