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Athletic Brewing: Film follows Indy athletes overcoming incredible odds

Film follows athletes overcoming incredible odds

Inches to Miles” is a documentary about three athletes who faced big challenges to finish an IronMan race. One of them is Timmy Howard from Indianapolis.

He has an amazing story of turning his life around.

Timmy used to live on the streets of Indy because of drugs, but he found a new path through fitness.

Now, he works in a fitness-related job and represents Athletic Brewing, a company that makes non-alcoholic beer.

Small changes can lead to big achievements, just like how running a mile starts with taking small steps.

Tiny actions add up over time, and consistent effort can lead to significant progress. Be sure to take a look at the full interview to hear more about his story.

It promises to leave you inspired to keep pushing towards your goals, no matter how small the starting point may seem.