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The Avi8or takes flight over Marott Woods Nature Preserve

It’s been a bit rainy lately, but Thursday is shaping up to be dryer, making it a perfect day for an outdoor adventure.

Join us as we explores Marott Woods Nature Preserve, a hidden gem right in our backyard that offers a peaceful escape amidst nature.

Just north of Broad Ripple lies an unassuming gateway that opens into the enchanting world of Marott Woods Nature Preserve. This hidden gem, nestled within the bustling suburbia of Indianapolis, offers a tranquil escape into nature’s embrace.

As you step through a lush tunnel of trees, the urban noise fades into the background, replaced by the melodious singing of birds and the gentle rustle of leaves. Here, the trails are shaded and serene, perfect for a sunny day’s adventure.

Williams Creek meanders through the preserve, its cool waters a favorite spot to wade or simply enjoy the tranquil beauty from the shore. The well-maintained pathways ensure every visitor can explore comfortably, with their furry friends by their side in this dog-friendly paradise.

It’s a place where the hum of suburban life harmoniously blends with the babble of the creek and the songs of native birds. The preserve is a beautiful testament to Indiana’s natural landscape, subtly enhanced by the familiar sounds of nearby life.

With ample parking on either side of the creek, Marott Woods is readily accessible for an impromptu visit or a planned day out. It’s a sanctuary where you can experience the peace of wild things, just a stone’s throw from the city.

Marott Woods Nature Preserve is open daily from dawn until dusk, providing ample opportunity to explore its scenic trails and rich history.

And as you saw, while dogs are welcome to join in on the adventure, they must be kept on leashes.

I’m meteorologist Drew Narsutis, WISH-TV. Visit and follow us on Facebook for updates.