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Black Girls Who Lift prepares for ‘Fight Night’ in Avon

Black Girls Who Lift

LaShata Grayson, owner of Black Girls Who Lift, demonstrated a brief workout Wednesday on “All Indiana” and discussed the upcoming “Fight Night” event in Avon on June 15.

Grayson, a fitness enthusiast and advocate, founded Black Girls Who Lift to empower women of color through strength training and community support. During her demonstration, Grayson showcased exercises designed to build strength and confidence.

The upcoming “Fight Night” event aims to highlight the connection between fitness and empowerment. Set for June 15 in Avon, the event will feature a range of activities, including boxing demonstrations and fitness challenges.

Grayson explained the significance of the event. “Fight Night is about more than just boxing; it’s about fighting for your health, your goals, and your community,” she said. The event is open to all fitness levels, encouraging participation from beginners to advanced athletes.

In addition to fitness activities, “Fight Night” will offer opportunities for networking and community building. Attendees will have the chance to connect with local fitness professionals and learn more about Black Girls Who Lift’s mission.

Grayson highlighted the event’s inclusive nature. “We want everyone to feel welcome and supported. Our goal is to create a space where women can come together, challenge themselves, and have fun,” she said.

The event promises to be a dynamic and inspiring experience for all participants. For more information on “Fight Night” and to register, visit Black Girls Who Lift’s website.

“Fight Night” in Avon is expected to draw a diverse crowd, united by a shared commitment to fitness and empowerment. Don’t miss the chance to join this unique event on June 15.