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Comedian Jimmy Pardo to host “Pardcast-A-Thon” for charity

Pardo details inspiration behind Pardcast-A-Thon

BURBANK, CA (WISH)- Since 2009 comedian Jimmy Pardo has hosted a fundraising event called “Pardcast-A-Thon”.

It raises money for the organization Smile Train which helps provide cleft palate surgeries for thousands of kids around the world.

Pardcast-A-Thon is unlike any other charity benefit, there aren’t constant emotional pleas for money, and no commercial breaks.

Instead, Jimmy and the gang play host to dozens of guests in a non-stop, fast-paced, freewheeling format.

Experience the thrill of the live event and watch the whole show, or pop in and out during the day.

The comedy never stops.

You can donate directly, bid on a charity auction to help the cause, or purchase and download past Pardcast-A-Thons from our archives to enjoy, the proceeds benefit Smile Train.

Since 2009 Pardo has been able to raise $1.5 million to help provide surgeries.

More about Smile Train

Smile Train is the world’s largest and most effective cleft lip and palate charity.

Around the world, many children with clefts live in isolation, but more importantly, have difficulty eating, breathing, hearing, and speaking.

Smile Train’s innovative, sustainable model helps these children live, thrive, and smile by empowering health professionals already in their communities to provide 100%-free surgery and other comprehensive cleft care 24/7.

Over the past 25 years, Smile Train has supported nearly 2 million life-changing cleft surgeries across 95+ countries.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.