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I Love To Read: Book promotes gender equality and STEM careers

I Love To Read: Book promotes gender equality and STEM careers

Imagine a skunk, a furry little creature with black and white stripes, being in the pits at a fast car race.

Sounds funny, right? But let’s think about what could happen if one was actually there.

Well, first of all, skunks are known for their stinky spray.

If one got scared or felt threatened in the pits, it might spray its smelly liquid everywhere.

Can you imagine the racers, mechanics, and fans having to deal with that smell? It would be really unpleasant!

In the story “The Trouble with Howard,” a skunk named Trouble becomes a part of the racing team.

Trouble doesn’t spray people, which is lucky for everyone.

But there’s one racer named Jack who doesn’t like Trouble and does mean things to him.

One day, Jack scares Trouble out of his hiding spot, and Trouble ends up hiding in Jack’s race car.

When the race starts, Trouble gets scared and runs up Jack’s chest, causing him to lose control of his car and crash.

Luckily, no one gets hurt, but Trouble sprays Jack with his stinky spray as a way of protecting himself.

In the end, the good guys win, and Trouble is safe with his friends.

So, having a skunk in the pits at an auto race could cause some unexpected trouble and chaos, but in this story, it all turns out okay in the end.