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I Love To Read: ‘The Rising Order’

I Love to Read: The research behind the book The Rising Order

Carmel native Claire Isenthal left her job almost a decade ago as an account executive for Google to pursue her dream of promoting and selling her debut thriller novel, The Rising Order.”

Isenthal joined us Monday afternoon to talk about the book, her journey, and what inspired her to do make this career change!

About ‘The Rising Order’

Flynn Zarytsky, a recruiter at Chicago’s tech giant Magnetic, found herself in a terrifying situation during a mass shooting by the homegrown terrorist group REDS.

Amidst the chaos, a REDS soldier named Wolf had her in his sights. Surprisingly, he chose to spare her life, but this act might have trapped her in something even worse.

REDS had a sinister plan to punish society for its greed and establish a new order.

Wolf saw Flynn’s position at Magnetic as a golden opportunity to infiltrate the company and use its resources for devastating purposes.

However, he didn’t anticipate Flynn’s ability to challenge his beliefs and question REDS’ mission.

Flynn, on the other hand, never imagined being caught up in such a dangerous game. She faced the horrifying prospect of sacrificing the safety of Chicago’s citizens to protect her loved ones.

Trapped between loyalty to her company and her conscience, Flynn found herself in a precarious situation where every decision had huge consequences.