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Family of hit-and-run victim hopeful driver is found

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Family members of a hit-and-run victim said they’re trying to stay strong as the young lady fights for her life.

The incident happened Tuesday night Eagle Creek Parkway and Eagle Bay North Drive on the city’s northwest side.

Family members said Jordan Offutt, 23, is in critical condition. They said she had emergency surgery on her head Tuesday and is now in a medically induced coma.

While they pray she’ll make a full recovery, they’re hoping witnesses can lead police to the driver.

In a room at Sideny & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, a family waits patiently, fighting through a flurry emotions

“It’s pretty somber,” said Monroe Bush, Offutt’s brother-in-law. “You cope with it by being in the moment. Whether you’re angry, upset, sad, you really sort of have to pull yourself together to make sure that the family will survive it together.”

And survive is exactly what they hope their loved one will be able to do. Offutt and her father went for a jog last night in an area not too far from home.

Monroe said a driver hit Offutt on her side, breaking her pelvis, tail bone and leaving her with a severe head injury.

Witnesses said the impact pushed her several feet off the road.

Her family said she landed face down in a ditch.

“When (Offutt’s father) realized what happened, when he realized she had been struck, he immediately went to her aid,” said Bush.

But by caring for his daughter, Offutt’s father never got a good look at the driver who police said took off down the road. The car was found, but not the person who was behind the wheel.

“I’m not sure if it was an accident, what the case may be, but you know that’s a pretty rotten thing to do,” said Bush.

Finding the driver is now in the hands of police, but family members are leaning on doctors and their faith to keep Offutt alive.

“23 years old, she’s a graduate of IU just recently. Good kid, good kid,” said Bush.

Police said the car involved was a four door grey sedan.

Police are asking anyone with any information to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.