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Ramp metering begins on I-465 on-ramps

Ramp metering begins on southeast side

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For the first time in Indiana, ramp metering went into effect Tuesday on the southeast side of I-465 between I-65 on the southwest side to I-70 on the east side in Indianapolis.

Ramp metering, or stoplights at ramp entrances, were designed to assist with traffic flow.

Some motorists were optimistic while others saw red.

Josh Ferris said, “I live off the ramp, so we’ll find out soon enough. I hope it keeps people safe and doesn’t interfere in the flow of traffic because this is my everyday commute.” 

I-Team 8 spent about a half-hour watching the ramp from Washington Street. The lights were switching from red to green to let vehicles onto the interstate one vehicle at a time.

At times, some drivers weren’t pulling up close enough to the white line to trigger the green light, so it’d remain on red causing a backup.

Kyleigh Cramer from Indiana Department of Transportation said Tuesday, “We want folks to know they are the ones that need to trigger that based on the weight of the car.”

I-Team 8 saw one driver ran a red light, which turned green after he passed.

At the Emerson and Brookville ramps to I-465, the lights were flashed yellow, so traffic could flow freely onto the interstate.

But, not everyone is a fan of the lights.

Mike Butler said, “It’s going to create a lot of traffic backup on the ramp from people not knowing how to merge in the situation.”

Steve Cooper thinks it’s a waste of time. “I’ve done it in other cities and didn’t care for it.”

There will be eight ramp meters: Emerson westbound, Emerson eastbound,  Southeastern southbound, Shadeland Avenue southbound, Brookville Road southbound, U.S. 52 northbound, Washington Street southbound and U.S. 40 northbound. 

A map shows where ramp metering was set to start on I-465 on-ramps in May 2024. (Provided Image/Indiana Department of Transportation)