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Where does Evan Bayh live?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Evan Bayh is listed as an inactive voter on the voter registration file kept by the state of Indiana.

The Todd Young campaign says it’s proof that Bayh doesn’t live here.

Bayh, a Democrat, is the favorite in the Senate race and the Republican Young is trying to convince voters that Bayh has abandoned Indiana for Washington, D.C.

The evidence is mixed.

Bayh voted in Indianapolis in the May primary.

He owns a $53,000 condo on the north side. It’s his voting address.

But he also owns a multi-million dollar home in Washington, D.C.

Postcards sent to the condo were returned undelivered and that’s when his status was changed from active to inactive.

Legally, it means little.

“But Evan Bayh has to answer these questions himself,” said Young. “About his residency, about his connections to the state of Indiana.”

“I’ve never left,” is what Bayh said when asked about moving back here last month.

“He doesn’t live here at all,” said Young spokesman Jay Kenworthy. “He uses his D.C. address on political contributions to Hillary Clinton, for his fishing license. He moved his foundation out to D.C.”

“Evan Bayh may dream about the moonlight on the Wabash,” he said, “but when he wakes up he sees the sun shining on the Potomac.”

Bayh adviser Dan Parker said, “His primary residence is on the northside of Indianapolis…the only homestead deduction he gets is on the northside of Indianapolis.”

Bayh says he’s always been a Hoosier, and a spokewoman for the Secretary of State points out that an inactive voter can still vote.