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Olympian Lilly King, other athletes offer mental health advice to Indiana high schoolers

Athletes discuss mental health and sports

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Three well-known athletes sat down Wednesday morning to offer advice on mental health to 150 local high school students for a Colts “Kick the Stigma” event.

Olympic medalist Lilly King, U.S. swimmer Ashley Twichell and Colts Pro Bowl cornerback Kenny Moore II joined Colts Vice Chair and Owner Kalen Jackson at the Indiana Farm Bureau Center for the panel.

King, who is a two-time Olympian, said she once told friends winning her first gold medal was the worst thing to happen to her. She went on to tell students that although the statement was not true, she felt that way due to her mental health struggle at the time.

That struggle is something many athletes experience, even at the high school level, King said.

“We are all going through similar struggles,” King told News 8. “Find your person to talk to, whether that’s a friend, parent, teacher, coach, mental health therapist … just know that you aren’t alone.”

Moore echoed that same sentiment during the panel.

He joined the team in 2017, the day after he was cut from the New England Patriots. Since then, he said making sure his mental health is in check has been a priority.

Competition swimmer Ashley Twichell told students that everyday practices and a self-care routine are essential to remain healthy in all aspects of life.

Knowing some of their favorite athletes experience the same mental health struggles brought the student-athletes a sense of comfort.

“I think it’s so validating because we dream to be like they are and to see them go through the same things we go through … just shows that we aren’t alone,” student-athlete Hannah Monroe said.