Colts fans share kind words as Peyton Manning mulls retirement

MUNCIE, Ind (WISH) – Many Hoosiers are wondering if one of their all-time favorite football players is calling it quits.

As the confetti flew, Peyton Manning was swarmed by media after winning his second Super Bowl. Many are now asking if the 39-year-old put the finishing touches on a magical career.

It’s a career that includes 14 years with the Indianapolis Colts. “I think most people think he’s going to go, and move on with the next phase of his career,” Manning fan Christin Gauss said.

“I would love to see him go out on top,” Matt Boje said. “So seeing him retire is probably the best for him.”

It’s a question that Peyton Manning fan Mitch Isaacs gets emotional over. “I’d like to see him retire, and that’s hard for me to say,” Isaacs said.

The Muncie man has been watching Manning grow from his Colts man cave, a spot that’s littered with Colts memorabilia, glasses, jerseys and, of course, Manning’s image.

“I actually got into one of the locker rooms during training camp,” Isaacs said. “A buddy of mine knew a coach. So I’ve held his helmet, even though I’ve never met him.”

Isaacs works as a teacher. Although he doesn’t coach football, he said Manning has helped him with lesson plans.

“He’s out for a couple games, maybe he didn’t start, but he didn’t quit, and that’s what I love about Peyton Manning,” Isaac said. “Is the persistence, the determination; the fact that the guy will hang in there no matter what.”

Manning won’t say what his future holds. But to Isaacs, it’s a no-brainer. “There’s no decision to make,” Isaac said. “I think he’s done.”

If he is, the longtime Colts and Manning fan has a final message.

“I’d say, ‘Thank you,’” Isaac said. “’Thank you for everything you did for the city of Indianapolis, both as a player and as a person. Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught us. The highs and even some of the lows.'”

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