New charges filed against former Muncie volleyball coach

Nolan Michael Brand (Photo Provided: Delaware County Jail)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) – Federal prosecutors have filed new criminal charges against a former volleyball coach in Muncie.

According to court documents, investigators say 24-year-old Nolan Brand tried to arrange a meeting to have sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Brand had previously been charged earlier this year for carrying on a sexual relationship with the same teenage girl.

During that time, using Snapchat, Brand had sent her nude photos of himself almost every day. The girl also used Snapchat to send at least one nude photo to Brand, but also sent him photos of herself in her underwear. On Dec. 4, when police interviewed Brand, he admitted to having sex with the girl, usually when the girl came to Brand’s home for tutoring and help with homework. Investigators also observed a video of Brand and the girl having sex.

However, after being charged, Brand was ordered released on Feb. 7 while awaiting trail for the charge of sexual exploitation of a child.

Then on March 2, documents show, the United States District Attorney’s Office was contacted by a third party alleging that Brand had been in contact with the teenage girl.

Documents show that Brand used an Instagram profile to communicate with the teenage girl. The teenage girl also told investigators Brand asked her to write him a letter and then place it on the rear window of his vehicle. When the teenage girl was attempting to deliver the letter at his residence, Brand and her communicated in person. They then agreed to meet at a later date.

Additionally, the teenage girl told investigators that the last time they had sexual contact was in December of 2017, after Brand had been arrested  by Bartholomew County authorities.

It is believe that Brand began communicating with the 15-year-old girl, again, on or before his Feb. 7 release.

Brand now faces new charges of attempted coercion of a minor and contempt of court.