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Victory College Prep: Celebrating great educators

Victory College Prep: Celebrating great educators

At WISH-TV, we’re talking about an amazing teacher at Victory College Prep!

Shrenta Hewlett, Teacher at Victory College Prep, Outstanding Educator Award winner, and Ka’liana Bryant, Senior at Victory College Prep, joined us to talk about Victory College Prep.

It’s a free school in Indianapolis for kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. They focus on community, thinking smart, working together, and not giving up.

Shrenta has been at VCP for over 15 years, and all nine of her kids went there too. Six graduated, and three are on their way.

Ka’liana, a senior at VCP, shared what she’s doing next and how her teacher Ms. Hewlett changed how she feels about school.

They also talked about what makes VCP special and how it helps students grow.

Want to learn more information? Visit the Victory College Prep website.