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Eating like a boss in ‘The MOBB Cookbook & Diet’

Eating like a boss…new mobb cookbook

In a recent video on YouTube, Frank Morelli excitedly shares a recipe from his new MOBB Cookbook.

The MOBB Cookbook & Diet: Savor and Slim the Italian Way is authored by Frankie “Spice” Morelli, who used his time in prison to refine his Italian cooking skills after committing a white-collar crime.

MOBB, which stands for Mercy and Optimism Beyond Borders, is Morelli’s brainchild. Before his legal troubles, he owned an Italian restaurant and collaborated with big names like Kraft Foods.

He even brought microwave pasta into the culinary scene.

Despite his past, Morelli believes in second chances and hopes to share his culinary expertise with the world.

In the cookbook, he reveals his top five secrets for crafting the perfect spaghetti and meatballs.

He encourages people to add a dash of “Spice” to their holiday menus, promising a taste sensation that rivals even the best Italian joints. Morelli’s story is one of redemption and passion for cooking.

He hopes that by sharing his recipes, people will give him a chance and maybe even schedule an interview or review of his book.