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Allison Schmitt talks U.S. Olympic Swim Trials underway all week

U.S. Olympic Swim Trials Underway All Week

Four-time Olympian and ten-time Olympic medalist Allison Schmitt joined us on All Indiana. She is in town to support and cheer on the Olympic hopefuls for the USA swim team. These athletes are preparing to represent the country in Paris later this summer.

Allison Schmitt, known for her incredible achievements in swimming, has inspired many young athletes.

Her visit brought excitement and motivation to the team. She shared her experiences, gave helpful advice, and encouraged the swimmers to keep working hard.

The swimmers were thrilled to meet such a successful athlete. They asked her questions about her training, her favorite memories from the Olympics, and how she stayed focused.

As the USA swim team continues to train for the upcoming Olympics, Allison Schmitt’s visit will be a memorable and inspiring moment for them.

Her support means a lot to these athletes as they aim for their own Olympic dreams in Paris.