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Boone Co. Sheriff searches for new clues in cold case

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – The unsolved 1992 murder file of Jane Doe was dusted off this week.

The woman believed to be between 20- and 40-years-old was found in a ditch near the interstate, naked from the waist down. Police are still unsure what happened to her and how she got there.

Former Boone County Sheriff Ern Hudson worked the case for 10 years. And he’s now getting calls from the current Sheriff, Mike Nielson who’s giving the case a fresh look.

Police recently released new information about the cold file; the fact that Jane Doe was found wearing only green socks and a green top, with a tattoo that said “Mom” barely showing on her right arm. Jain Doe weighed around 120-130 pounds and had short reddish brown hair.

The local call center has received anonymous calls within the past month from one caller.

Investigators believe the person calling may have the answers to help solve this mystery. They want that person to call again or come in for questioning.

Detectives dedicated a solid decade following leads, posting flyers and going door-to-door asking for the public’s help.

They also outsourced an artist who created a clay mold of the victims face.

“I want someone to look at the face and call if they have details about it,” stated Hudson.

She is currently buried in the cemetery in front of the new Sheriff’s Office.

“We unfortunately had to title her tombstone ‘unknown’,” said Ern Hudson.

If you have any information about Jane Doe, call the Boone Co. Sheriff’s call center at 756-483-3363.