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Deputy resigns amid alcohol, battery investigation in Putnam Co.

PUTNAM COUNTY (WISH) — A deputy with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department has resigned following allegations of driving his police car after consuming alcohol, officials said.

According to Chief Deputy Phil Parker, former deputy Tyler Turner,33, and his spouse were involved in a domestic dispute on Saturday around 12 a.m. on a county road in Putnam County. Parker said the dispute involved physical contact.

Following the dispute Turner, who was in his issued police car, ran into a stop sign. Turner immediately reported the incident to police.

An investigation into the incident began and Turner’s blood alcohol level was tested. Turner’s BAC was 0.05.

Although his BAC was under the legal limit the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department has a zero tolerance policy for officers who operate a police vehicle while under the influence.

According to Sheriff Scott Stockton’s new standard procedures that went into effect on Jan. 1, Turner’s actions will not be tolerated.

As a result Turner submitted his resignation around 11 a.m. Monday.

The investigation was ongoing on Monday.