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Indiana boy snubbed by peers gets 1,000 birthday cards

LAKE STATION, Ind. (AP) – More than a 1,000 birthday cards have arrived for an Indiana boy who was disappointed when none of the classmates he invited came to his birthday party.

Amelia Lara says several second-grade classmates said they would attend the 9th birthday party of her grandson, Gerald Hamilton, but that the April 2 event came and went and none of them showed up.

Lara, of Hobart, says it was “heartbreaking.”

So she posted a note on Facebook asking people to send him cards. Since then he’s received more than a 1,000 cards from around the world, including Vietnam and London, as well as gifts including tickets to an Indiana Pacers game.

Lara says it “just shows you that there are good, kind, compassionate people out there.”