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Police warn of more Johnson County car break-ins

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – A string of car break-ins continues in Johnson County.

Police tell 24-Hour News 8 someone broke into at least six more cars since Wednesday night. All of the break-ins happened within less than a mile of each other near Fairview and Morgantown Road.

This has been a frequent problem for people living near this intersection this summer. At least four of the cars broken into this week have one thing in common – they were unlocked. One of the victims couldn’t remember if he locked his car.

Luckily, in these cases nothing of value was stolen, but police are using this as a warning to lock your cars and take out your belongings. Officers say thieves case cars by looking in windows, to see which ones have valuable items in them or which cars are unlocked. Many times, thieves won’t want to go through the trouble of smashing a car window or figuring out a way into a locked car. In one incident this week, there was even a purse in plain site in a locked car nearby and the thieves didn’t go for it.

Over the past month, thieves have taken a gun, purses, prescription medicine from cars in the area. There have also been car break-ins happening in Whiteland and Center Grove in the past few weeks. In those cases thieves were more aggressive, sometimes breaking windows to steal credit cards, handbags and alcohol.

On Friday, the sheriff’s department sent out a press release about three juveniles who were arrested overnight. However, police say they are not responsible for the recent string of break-ins. They may have just been “up to no good with vehicles on Thursday night.”

It’s not clear which break-ins were connected, but Whiteland police did arrest four teens for stealing from cars last week. Still, the problems continue in Greenwood. If you have any information you can call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department.

Late Friday afternoon, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office released these photos showing persons of interest in the case. Officials said these were taken at the Southport Kroger on State Road 37 early Friday morning.

Johnson County break-ins suspects
Johnson County break-ins suspects
Johnson County break-ins suspects