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Study: Facebook friends are not that reliable

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Gas prices have plunged in Indiana over the past two weeks. Also, new research says your Facebook friends are not that reliable.

Jane King was on Daybreak Monday morning with this story and other local and national business headlines.

The average price of gasoline has dropped by 14 cents over the past weeks, for a national average of $1.91 a gallon. Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that with the latest decline the price is the lowest it’s been in seven years. The current gas price is 16 cents per gallon under it’s year-ago point.

In Indianapolis the current average is $1.47 for a regular unleaded, according to Triple A.

The saying that Facebook friends aren’t really your friends is ringing true, a new study found. And the news is down right depressing.

An Oxford University study found that most of your Facebook Friends don’t care about you and probably don’t even sympathies with your problems, the study said. It found that there was little correlation between having friends on social networks and actually being able to depend on them, or even talking to them regularly.