Prosecutors: Glenn Hults knew about plan to blow up home

Glenn Hults walks into his first court appearance. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)–A judge sentenced a fifth and final defendant Wednesday in connection with the deadly 2012 Richmond Hill explosion.

Prosecutors say Glenn Hults knew about the plan to blow up Monseratte Shirley’s home for insurance money and he didn’t tell police, even after detectives questioned him.

Hults was sentenced to three years Wednesday but he’s not expected to spend all of that time in jail. The sentence includes 18 months behind bars, 6 months on work release and a one year suspended sentence. Hults is expected to spend one year on probation.

The 2012 explosion killed two people, destroyed homes and devastated families.

Hults testified that he came home from work at some point prior to the explosion and Monseratte Shirley was there. He said Shirley told Mark Leonard, who was sentenced to life without parole for his role, was trying to convince her to “do something stupid.”

Hults said he told Shirley not to let Leonard talk her into doing anything stupid. Hults’ lawyers said he did not disclose that information to police.

When asked by a lawyer why he didn’t tell the police everything he knew, Hults said “I was probably scared and worried about being involved.”

He initially faced a charge of conspiracy to commit arson. He entered a guilty plea last month to the lesser charge of assisting a criminal.

The explosion killed Don Buxton’s 36-year-old daughter, Jennifer Longworth. After testifying Wednesday, Buxton requested that the judge give Hults the maximum sentence: three years behind bars.

“They took our future away. All of those five of those people, they took our future away when it comes to Jenny,” Buxton said. “I had her for 36 years. I never should have seen her die.”

Hults turned to Buxton and other family members Wednesday and said “I’m sorry for all your losses and everything that’s happened. I do pray for your kids daily.”

Buxton said he doesn’t believe a word Hults said.

“It’s done. There’s no joy in it. But it’s done. You don’t have to think about it anymore. You don’t have to think OK, what might I be doing next June, July, whatever, in the court?” Buxton said “So, that parts done and that’s a good thing.”

Marion Superior Judge Sherila Carlisle scolded Hults before sentencing him, telling Holts he “covered for Mark Leonard.”

“You knew what was going on. It didn’t take much for you to piece it all together,” Carlisle said. “You know what you did. And you know what you didn’t do. It’s time to be a man and accept it.”

John Longworth testified that the blast killed his son.

“It’s sad that somebody does these things and then we all suffer for it,” Longworth said. “I say just think about other people and what you can do possibly about others. If you can think about other people, fewer things like this will happen.”

A judge sentenced Shirley to 50 years less than two weeks ago. Bob Leonard was sentenced to life in prison for his role. Gary Thompson was sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

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