More than a year later, it’s still not known who killed Dejuan Williams

(Provided Photo/McReynolds Family)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was a windy day on March 4, 2016.

As a soft wind blew through the 700 block of North Grant Avenue, officers got the call. Dispatchers sent were sent to a tan duplex. Inside the home, detectives found a 37-year-old man suffering from a single gun shot wound.

Emergency crews rushed to save the victim, but despite their life-saving efforts he would die. Later that evening, police identified the victim as Dejuan Williams.

At the time of the shooting, the father of five had made a stop over at his sister’s house. Inside the home were three of Williams’ friends and his girlfriend. The group of people were all just hanging out and watching movies.

Williams’ sister, Rhonda McReynolds left to run an errand.

About 30 minutes later, someone knocked on the door. Williams opened it, and on the other side were four other people. A person in the group pulled out a gun and shot Williams.

A total of eight people were possibly in and around Williams when the shooting happened. Despite the extra set of eyes, police were not able to make an arrest.

While police were on the scene investigating, someone used that time to break into Williams’s home just several blocks away. It is unclear if police were able to gather clues during the break-in.

Over the months, his parents, Lawrence and Jerri McReynolds, are left with moments frozen in photographs.

“He was around every day, checking on us, and bringing the grandbabies over or going to the park,” said Lawrence McReynolds.

The McReynolds family added that they haven’t received any information from the detective on the case since November 2016.

“They need to come forward because it has been too long. It doesn’t make sense to me,” said Jerri McReynolds.

We reached out to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department about Williams case. According to IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams, the case is in desperate need of information.

The family add that they’ve given information and names on people who may have seen something that can connect police to the possible shooter. They also said¬†they are still waiting to see if that information will aid in the investigation.

If you have any information on the murder of Dejuan Williams, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).