IMPD arrests man for attempted murder after shootout with police

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Christopher Johnson, 39, shot an officer in the arm on the afternoon of Dec. 13, 2017, on the 2100 block of Spann Avenue (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Police said they’ve arrested a 39-year-old man for attempted murder after an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department drug bust turned into a shootout with police.

Officers said Christopher Johnson shot an officer in the arm Wednesday afternoon on the 2100 block of Spann Avenue.

The officer has left the hospital.  Police said Johnson is in critical but stable condition.

Officers said an IMPD tactical team showed up at a near east side home with a narcotics warrant, looking for a drug dealer. Police said Johnson shot an officer entering the home and police returned fire, shooting Johnson.

Debvine White lives next door to the home.

“I got on the floor (when I heard the shots),” White said. “You get on the floor because it was too close to home.”

A video from White’s cellphone shows first responders trying to help Johnson after the shootout.

IMPD arrested Johnson for attempted murder and possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon. Officers said they detained other people from the home for questioning.

“There’s a valid search warrant here, and these officers were here to protect this community,” IMPD Sgt. Chris Wilburn said. “This was the result of a bad actor pretending to be a hero.”

Shannon Lassere, who lives down the street from the home where the warrant was served, said she’s seen “a lot of people coming in and out” of the home in the past.

“I always keep my doors locked,” Lassere said.

IMPD said they’re running an internal investigation and the officer is on paid leave, a standard practice after a police-involved shooting.

Police are not releasing the officer’s name, but said he is an 11-year veteran of the department.